You deserve a bathroom that’s beautiful, comfortable, and safe.

Thoughtful bath seating and fixtures designed for your longevity

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Nothing combines luxury, comfort, style, and safety like our bath seating.

Attractive fixtures designed with subtle, functional safety features.

Make your bathroom a sanctuary for years to come.

Why Now?

Consider your safety today to stay independent long-term.

Bathrooms are dangerous

Falls can happen to anyone at any lifestage—make your home safer for everyone.

No do-overs

Bathroom renovations are costly and disruptive—do this now and you won’t have to renovate again.

Proactive, not reactive

You’ll avoid installing unwanted grab bars in reaction to an injury or fall.

Peace of mind

You don’t want your loved ones feeling concerned about your safety (or nagging you about it).

You’ve invested a lot in your home—so it should feel like a home, not a hospital.

Even though we all lose ability as we age, we don’t start thinking about bathroom safety until it’s too late.

Falls are an obvious problem that no one wants to talk about, but they are the #1 cause of injury in Canada, and account for $2 billion dollars in healthcare costs each year.

In our 25+ years of fall prevention expertise, we’ve seen a lot of falls happen because of stigma. With typical grab bars, it can feel like safety comes at the expense of design—and ultimately dignity.

We believe that if you’re being proactive about your long-term safety and independence, you shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of your bathroom.

What Invisia Offers

Design the bathroom you want

Make your bathroom beautiful with attractive seating and fixtures from our collection.

Age with grace

Enjoy years of comfort and luxury in your beautifully renovated bathroom.You’ve earned it!

Age in place

Stay safe with built-in safety features there to support you when you need them.