About Us

At Invisia, we are transforming the experience of bathroom safety and seating by providing luxurious and beautiful alternatives to the traditional grab bar. With our goal of creating safety products that also elevate the space they’re used in, Invisia provides security without compromising style or function.

Our Design Approach

We truly believe the bathroom should be a beautiful and peaceful place—a place where you can relax after a long day and forget about day-to-day stresses. Most importantly, the bathroom should be a safe place. Everything we design and manufacture is inspired by the concept that style and safety are not mutually exclusive. All our products are functional and elegant to enhance a bathroom’s appearance while simultaneously creating a safer environment.

Our Commitment

Invisia believes in offering you peace of mind without sacrificing your design aesthetic. That is why we are dedicated to providing bathroom accessories that blend style and safety. Our three founders share the philosophy that every bathroom should be a safe bathroom. Learn about each of their stories below:

John O’Brien
John O’Brien, P.Eng
President and CEO

John O’Brien has enjoyed the challenge of improving things for as long as he can remember. As a teenager, he recalls creating simple solutions to make life easier for his grandmother, Rita, who was a wheelchair user. Like many engineers, John has always been curious in figuring out how things work. But this curiosity was never limited to mechanical gadgets; John is also interested in how the physical world we create can affect our moods and perceptions. Having this broad knowledge allows John to explore the possibilities of how things can be improved. As President at Invisia, John leads a talented, multi-disciplinary team of designers who are able to move a product design from conception to production. Having these resources under the same roof gives Invisia the ability to modify and adapt changes quickly. It’s an inventor’s dream come true!

Ed Thomas
Ed Thomas, OT Reg (ON)
Vice President

Ed Thomas is an occupational therapist serving the Ottawa area for over 25 years. He is dedicated to prescribing the products tailored to match the exact needs of his clients. Since level of ability varies from person to person, many products on the market did not offer optimal support for his clients. People would often comment on the appearance of support devices and frequently wish that items were “not so institutional or mechanical looking.” Ed was able to channel this frustration into creative solutions, safely modifying products to suit his client’s needs (or, in many cases, create something completely original).

Don Ed
Don Ed
Vice President

Don Ed has been in the home health care industry since its infancy. For over four decades, Conval-Aid (the Ed family business) has been providing the Ottawa area with home health aids and wheelchairs. Through years of site visits and helping clients in the store, Don has developed an empathetic nature, and is always able to relate to customers and therapists. He has a genuine passion for improving the functionality of products, as he has heard the concerns of those who are most affected by limited mobility.