5 Best Products to Make your Bathroom Accessible to Everyone

5 Products for Everyday Bath Safety (PS – No Grab Bars!)   Living with family that have mobility challenges, having visitors, or needing support around the home can be tough. No one wants their home to feel like an institution. We want flair and beautiful decor that shows off individual style. Based on customer reviews […]

Is Multigenerational Housing Right for You?

What the heck is a Multigenerational home? A multigenerational house is when two or more generations of a family are living under one roof (many researchers include grandparents living as one of the generations included).  Multigenerational living has always been around and for some cultures and has influenced how people purchase their homes. This style […]

Lighten Up: Trends in Bathroom Decor

Lighter, brighter bathrooms with more natural tones. Tour any bathroom showroom, thumb through the latest IKEA catalogue or poke around Pinterest and you’re bound to notice it trending. “There’s a definite move toward a more Scandinavian design aesthetic in today’s bathrooms,” says Sunil Achia, Senior Industrial Designer at HealthCraft Products. “You see it in what […]

Why a Bamboo Shower Seat is the Right Choice

Why a Bamboo Shower Seat is the Right Choice There are many different kinds of bath seats on the market today – teak and phenolic are two popular ones for example. In fact, back in 2015 Invisia made the change from Brazilian Walnut seats to Bamboo. So why did we make the change? There are […]

Black by Popular Demand

Black by Popular Demand It’s more than meets the eye! With so much change in the world today, add some stability to your bathroom with a timeless finish that will stand out and look beautiful for years to come.   Not Just A Trend. Trends come and go, but the refined look of Matte Black […]

Great Things Come In Pairs

Great Things Come In Pairs Batman and Robin. Bert and Ernie. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Wine and Cheese. The world is full of examples of complementary parts, that when combined together – make a whole greater than the sum of the individual parts (known as Gestalt Theory). Here are the benefits of blending safety into […]

Spark Design Award

Spark Design Award Invisia is delighted to be recognized by the Spark Awards in the Health category for our Support Accessories (Silver) and SerenaSeat (Finalist).   Spark is a community of forward thinking innovators, who like Invisia, believe that design can make significant and positive changes in our world. We are proud to be in […]