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Bathroom Design with Safety in Mind

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A bathroom can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a beautiful communal space, or a personal oasis.

When it comes to bathroom design, style and aesthetics of the space are often top of mind. However, the environment and how it can provide safety for the occupants should also be considered.

Although bathroom design is relative to preference, everyone appreciates luxury, quality and peace of mind knowing they are safe. By combining these two elements, it allows individuals and families to get both their needs without compromising the other.

This article will highlight the various areas of bathroom design and explain how to accommodate both the design and safety. We promise you’ll love the results, regardless if it is for your client, your family or just for you.


Lighting is more important than you may think in a bathroom.  It is essential to have good, clean and bright lighting which covers the main zones of the bathroom to highlight hazard areas such as beside a shower/bath or near the toilet.

Spotlights are an excellent option to provide both the brightness that is needed and the contemporary style that most individuals look for in their bathroom design. Furthermore, spotlights hold the potential to be installed not just in the main zones of the bathroom, but also above mirrors, toilets and even baths or showers.

Once the main area of the bathroom is well lit, then consider adding decorative lighting to help set a relaxing and spa like mood.

Decorative Bathroom Lighting Decorative Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas - Home Interior Decorating Ideas







This can be a very challenging decision for many. A tub can provide the option for a relaxing bath, while also offering the opportunity to have a shower. Depending on your clients needs however, they might not be the most practical.

Consider this. Will your clients or families needs change in the next 10 years before they perform their next bathroom renovation? What if a family member has an accident or injury and can’t use the tub during a recovery? The tub becomes unusable.

In contrast, installing a walk-in shower provides you with endless possibilities. The walk in shower can be more inclusive and accommodating than a tub and can provide a similar environment as a bath.

In addition, Invisia offers beautiful shower seat options, that are a less expensive alternative but a real space-saver since it folds out of the way when not in use. The SerenaSeat (which is a hypoallergenic bamboo shower seat) offers quality, luxury and a beautiful design while offering support of up to 500lbs.


View the pictures below and see for yourself – we’d love to add your own photos too!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.02.03 (1)



Bathroom accessories can tie a design together and are an integral component to the overall style. Think of all the bathroom accessories you may need.

  • Bathroom Towel bars
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Shower Shelving
  • Storage
  • Accent Pieces

While there are a number of essential bathroom accessories, it can be difficult to install beautiful accessories together with safety products without affecting the aesthetics. Installing traditional grab bars in the shower or bath is usually unappealing to say the least.

For this reason, the team at Invisia saw the potential to create luxury grab bars that hide behind beautifully designed bathroom accessories. Individuals and families will have peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe while having the bathroom they always wanted.

Whether you are an interior designer, contractor or simply someone looking to upgrade their bathroom, make sure that you not only consider the design of the space, but also the safety. Make the space last. Think about the future of yourself or clients and be proactive with your bathroom design.

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