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What is CAPS – Certified Aging in Place Specialist


Planning, renovating, designing and preparing our homes to age in place can take some time.

Many of us don’t have the expertise to understand how to build an accessible, safe and flexible home to accommodate us as we age.

Therefore, we must find a contractor or company to help us with renovations and home modifications.

However, how will we know that a contractor will provide us with the right advice and guidance when planning for the future?

Well, there is a certification that professionals can achieve to assure us they know everything about aging in place.

What is CAPS?

CAPS or certified aging in place specialist is a program led by the NAHB (National Association for Home Builders). The program educates, informs and provides graduates with expert knowledge on aging in place and home modifications.

The CAPS certification is achieved once 3 courses have been completed.

These courses educate us on all things aging in place – design concepts, building specifications for interior and exterior, marketing and business management.

Once someone has received the CAPS certification, we can be confident they know how to create a visitable and inclusive living space.

A CAPS certified individual will help us make informed choices when planning our homes for the future.

However, how do we know that a professional has this certification?

Finding CAPS Professionals

The best way to ensure an individual is certified is to go on the directory on the NHBA site here. This directory provides listings of every individual or business who has completed the program.

However, if you don’t know who exactly you are looking for, it may be a little hard to find the right person.

Another great way is to go on houzz and type in “certified aging in place” in the “professionals” search bar. By selecting your region, Houzz will find all professionals in your area that are CAPS certified.


To be completely confident and verify their certification, you can then go back to the directory and search for them there.

As well, before contacting someone on Houzz, look through their profile and see their style and design. Make sure that some of their projects include headlines such as – aging in place, universal design, inclusive design.  This is just another way to verify them as a true CAPS professional.

CAPS is an amazing program that is pushing professionals in the right direction for adapting to the aging population.

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