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Grain & Brawn

Invisia seats are made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo. This engineered material is manufactured to the highest standard of quality. For more technical information about why we chose to use bamboo, and how it is superior to other commonly-used materials, visit our previous blog post here.

NEW Ash Stain
Invisia is proud to introduce a new stain: ASH. It has a more subtle presence than our darker Walnut stain (our signature stain which we will continue to offer). Ash matches well with neutral tones common in lighter themed bathrooms.
INV - 04 BambooStains

No matter the theme of the bathroom, there is an Invisia product for you. Check out our entire line of bathroom seating products in both stains here.

Use Space Better
Bathroom space is often limited; we recognized this limitation and designed our seats with this challenge in mind.

INV - 04 BambooSpace

The Serena-Seat folds up against the wall when not in use to reclaim valuable floor space. The Bath Bench simply rests across the top of the bathtub – yet can be removed or relocated in seconds. The Corner Seat makes the most of otherwise empty corners in your shower. Check out our full line of spa-inspired Seating Products on our website.

Do you like the idea of taking advantage of corner space in your shower? Invisia also manufactures a Corner Shelf to store your shower essentials and doubles as a grab bar.

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