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Luxury Bathroom Accessories – Helping A War Vet

Our friends at Re-Bath teamed up with A&E’s network show Operation Build to transform a war veterans bathroom into a beautiful and accessible space, using many of our luxury bathroom accessories and shower grab rails.


This transformation takes place in the home of Scott and Susie Adams. Scott was in the US military and deployed to Iraq in 2006. During a mission, the humvee he was travelling in was hit by an anti-tank mine. This incident resulted in spinal fractures and much more, leaving him with chronic pain.

Due to these injuries, everyday necessities became a challenge, especially in the bathroom when it came to showering and transferring to and from the toilet.


Thanks to the teams at Re-Bath and Operation Build, they were able to completely renovate their bathroom to make it attractive, but also safe.

Re-Bath included 8 of our luxury bathroom accessories such as the Invisia Towel Bar to help Scott move throughout the space with comfort and ease.

Re-Bath described our luxury bathroom accessories as “beautiful pieces of art” while the host of Operation Build commented how they “don’t look like a grab bar” and are “well designed”.

The team installed the following luxury bathroom accessories:

  • Towel Bar
  • Toilet Roll Holder
  • Shampoo Shelf
  • Accent Bar
  • Accent Ring

By installing these pieces strategically around the bathroom, it will allow Scott to move safely and securely from each area. All the bathroom accessories you see in the video had a powder coat bronze finish to beautifully compliment the walls and mosaic tile design.

Make sure to check out the video below. This is a very touching story. We love to see our luxury bathroom accessories doing their job and helping those in need.

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