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Multigenerational Homes

multigenerational home

“Multigenerational homes”

  • When several generations of a family are living under one roof.

Background – Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational living has always been around and for some cultures, has always been the norm.

However, this style of living is becoming more common in North America. In the US, almost 1 in 5 Americans are living in a multigenerational home as found by Pew Research Center.

Interesting fact – Due to this increase, there are even many development companies that are creating homes specifically to accommodate this.

It shows great initiative to see developers universally designing homes to be inclusive for all ages.

However, why have we seen a spike in this living situation?

There are many realistic speculations as to why more and more families are adopting this way of living.

One reason could be due to millennials staying at home longer while boomers are feeling financially secure.

Another cause could be simply for caregiving purposes. It may be more comfortable for a caregiver to live in the same space.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the increase in multigenerational housing, like everything, it has it’s up’s and down’s.

This article will continue to look into the Advantages and disadvantages of multigenerational housing to help you decide whether or not it is something you could adopt.


Family Matters

By having 3 generations under the same roof, it allows for families to spend more quality time together. It provides grandparents with a better opportunity to connect with their grandchildren and can ultimately create a loving environment.

In fact, many studies support that grandparents can have a very positive influence on their grandchildren

As well, many elderly individuals begin to encounter social issues such as loneliness which can negatively impact their mental health.

Providing them with daily social interactions will help decrease these issues and improve their quality of life.  

The Money Tree

Although the financial situation and workings of a multigenerational home is up to your discretion, sharing expenses may be in your best interest.

We suggest devising a plan to evenly allocate expenses to ensure everyone feels there is a fair contribution. If finances are not discussed, it may cause issues down the road.

Sunday Chores

In a perfect scenario, chores should be divided up evenly for all those that are sharing the living space. However, this is largely dependant on the ability and mobility of the grandparents.

If they are mobile and able to complete chores without risking their safety, distinguishing weekly tasks for all family members can make for a clean and well working household.

Flexible Environment

Considering there are 3 or more generations living in one household, each generation has different requirements to live comfortably, especially the eldest. Therefore, the living space must be able to accommodate for low mobility and be outfitted to prevent falls.

Ensuring the grandparents are on the same floor as the kitchen, bathroom etc. is a must since aging individuals experience muscle deterioration, decrease in balance, vision and other issues that can obstruct their mobility.

Therefore, it is important to plan for their future, and yours.

In addition to the main areas of the home, outfitting bathrooms with grab bars such as our universally designed, luxury bathroom accessories is a great way to prevent falls without impacting the style of the space.


Home Adaptations and Renovations

As mentioned in the advantages, having a flexible and inclusive home is great not only for the grandparents future, but also outfits the home for the parents as they age.

However, if the home is not already universally designed to age in place, it will come at a cost.

Although not every single room would need an update, several of the main areas will be – kitchen, bathroom, entrances etc. 

We Need Privacy

With more people living in the same space, it can lead to less privacy for all family members.

For the grandchildren growing up, especially in their teen years, privacy is important. Boundaries must be set for the entire family and ensure that everyone respects each other’s privacy.

Family Feuds

We all know, family disputes happen and with more people living in the same house, the chances of them happening is likely to increase.

Whether they are smaller issues or bigger issues, they need to be resolved. We would suggest holding family meetings once a month to make sure each family member is happy with the living environment.

However, if an issue occurs that is causing turmoil in the house, tackle that problem as soon as you can.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there does happen to be more advantages than disadvantages. However, in order to have a successful multigenerational home, everyone must co-operate and work together.

At the end of the day, it is your decision. We simply suggest to do what is best for you and your family.

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