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Soap Dish

Offering just the right amount of assistance, this Soap Dish is much more than a stunning decorative feature. Not only does it provide a convenient place to store a bar of soap, it offers exceptional support and stylish design for ease of use and peace of mind. The dish itself is easy to remove, allowing for convenient cleaning, letting you keep your shower spotless with minimal effort.

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Vintage Tub

Grab Bar Specialists


ADA Compliant

Supports up to 500lbs / 227kgs when installed to structural wood backing (see below for details).

Discreet wall stems with concealed screws

Makes mounting areas virtually invisible.

Multi-contact wall support

3 points of contact for maximum structural support.

Solid surface tray

Shatterproof tray resists the growth of mold and bacteria.

Installation Overview

Back off set screws from rail sockets.

Soap Dish Instructions

Allow wall stems to freely move in and out of rail sockets.

Soap Dish Instructions

Peel label to expose sticker on back of wall stems.

Soap Dish Instructions

With wall stems inside rail sockets, push the rail against the wall.

Soap Dish Instructions

Firmly press the rail so stickers on back of wall stems contact wall.

Soap Dish Instructions

Remove rail carefully so wall stems stay on the wall.

Soap Dish Instructions

Each wall stem is located in relation to each other.

Soap Dish Instructions

Using wall stems as locating guides, notch the tile with center punch.

Soap Dish Instructions

Fasten the wall stems to the wall using appropriate fasteners and waterproofing.

Soap Dish Instructions

Place rail back onto the fastened wall stems.

Soap Dish Instructions

Secure rail by tightening set screws.

Soap Dish Instructions

Inspect hardware regularly, and tighten if required.

Soap Dish Instructions


Material Stainless steel
Finish/Colour Polished Chrome (-CP)
Brushed Stainless (-BS)
Powder Coat Bronze (-ORB)
Powder Coat Matte Black (-BLK)
Tray Material Solid surface material
Weight Capacity 500lbs / 227kgs (ADA Compliant)
Note: Reduced weight capacity if installed using hollow wall anchors.
Rail Diameter 1.25″ / 31.8mm (ADA Compliant)
Wall Clearance 1.50” / 38.1mm (ADA Compliant)
Rail Width 12.10″ / 307mm
Rail Height 13″ / 330mm
Installation Mechanism Must screw to wood backing behind wall. Hollow wall anchors can be used when no wood structure is available (Note: Reduced weight capacity).
Installation Hardware/Fasteners Full Structure:#10 x 3″ / 76mm length, stainless steel wood screw (x3).
Hollow Walls (no structure): 3/16-24 x 3”/76mm length, stainless steel bolt and hollow wall anchors (x3).
Fasteners Exposed or Concealed Rail stems conceal mounting hardware.
Commercial Use Yes
Residential Use Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Rust Resistant Yes
Country of Origin China
Shipping Dimensions 14x13x4″ / 356x330x102mm
Shipping Weight 5lbs / 2.3kgs
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

Soap Dish Technical Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the weight capacity if I only have partial structure for mounting?

If there is partial structure for mounting (i.e. minimum one point fastens into structural wood and no structure available for other contact points), we recommend hollow wall anchors (supplied) for the contact points with no structure. This will reduce the weight capacity to 350lbs/159kg.

+ What is the weight capacity if I have no structure for mounting?

If there is no structure for mounting, we recommend hollow wall anchors (supplied) for all contact points. This will reduce the weight capacity to 200lbs/91kg.

+ How do I clean the soap dish tray?

The tray is made from a durable, non-porous, solid surface material that resists the growth of bacteria. It can be cleaned with general household cleaners.

+ What is the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser. Warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, wood material and stain, accidental damage, alteration, normal wear and tear, or the use of corrosive or abrasive cleaning products. The manufacturer shall not be liable for indirect, consequential damages, or for the cost of any corrective work done without HealthCraft Products Inc. prior approval. Total liability shall in no event exceed the purchase price of the goods. For complete warranty information, see the instructions for terms and conditions.


We are retired folks, and in a new shower, my husband and I wanted something that would act as a grab bar without looking like one that escaped from a nursing home. This does the trick!

HWS in New England

This integrated bar and shower soap dish holder more than fits our requirement.

John in Fort Worth, TX

Love that this beautiful soap dish also serves as a sturdy rail next to the shower seat!

Irene in Whittier, CA